With the final episode of Lost finally screening in Australia, the world of television seems a bit, well, LOST!

What a weird, complicated and creative show that was. Where to now, oh tv executives and creative gurus? Would you please take us away from the bloody murder, psycho thrillers, teenage vampire, and hospital dramas! No more I say. C’mon Australia, bring back riveting shows like A Country Practice or Always Greener or Seachange – with a bit of drama, wit and relationships.

Sure, we have the gritty world of Underbelly, but is it just an excuse for soft porn on the small screen? Seriously people, tone it DOWN! No one watches for the story behind Kings Cross but for the visuals. I long for shows of substance not just episodes of shock, gore and gratuitousness.

The really clever shows combine action, comedy and real stuff; the stuff we recognize. While television helps us escape our sometimes boring or tense lives, it can also bring healing by confronting issues that we can relate to. We can laugh at ourselves and put things into perspective.

I love television. I love potential it has and it often makes me sigh to see rubbishy shows clogging the airwaves. Oooo, if I could give you a spanking, a mighty wallop… but I can’t. Intelligent shows, come baaaacccckkkk! No more junk tv, no more murder and mayhem. Time to write quality shows. And I’m going to put my writing where my mouth is…?! I’m just going to have a go at grabbing the essence of life and writing a show that is fun, happy, sad; deep.