1. An elderly woman was seen today riding a boy’s bicycle down a hill, while wearing a red hat. She was last seen riding in the direction of the local hospital. Was it  an emergency? And how did that red hat stay on so well?

2. I was walking my child to school the other day while holding a frog umbrella. People were particularly jolly that day; very smiley. I thought this level of friendliness was unusual until I remembered I was using my son’s FROG umbrella. It  was pelting rain and I couldn’t find my more adult floral number!

3. I once witnessed an elderly gentleman making an unfortunate choice on a freeway. He turned onto the wrong side of the road and started making his way in the opposite direction. I wonder what happened to him?

4. A friend told a story of her resourceful grandma. She always bought her granddaughter presents from op shops. Nothing wrong with that! But alack and alas, that granny went one step too far one Christmas when she bought her loving granddaughter some second hand undies, with fresh skid marks! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

5. A lesson for the adventurous man… a nameless adult from my childhood was having his bathroom renovated but was desperate for a bath. So, he filled the laundry sink with nice, warm soapy water. At the end of his soak, he pulled out the plug while he was still in the sink (a very flexible man). Unfortunately for him, his um, ah, privates started following the water down the sink if you get my drift. On realising his mistake, I assume he quickly reinserted the plug and hopped gingerly out of the laundry area, in search of some ice.

6. For me, I never do silly things. Like smile at myself in the mirror, thinking it was a nice stranger lady, nor do I fall down stairs while excitedly going out to dinner in a foreign country. And I NEVER misjudge where I’m sitting and fall off my bed. I’m really quite sensible!