but it went right out of my head. I’m searching through my memory banks to find the awesome theme I was going to write on today. It was to be an easy, entertaining read, full of interesting points of view and perhaps even a little laughter.

It was when I was driving out of the Woolies carpark, turning right onto that road where everyone turns left. It hit me right between my eyes. “Brilliant”, I thought. But now, it dawns on me that my little tickety brain is not what it used to be.

Blame children or age or perhaps a poor memory but some things just do not stick. I place them in with love and care and tell them to stay but alas and also alack, they slide right out of my left ear, evaporating into the atmosphere, never to be seen again.

Ideas, inspiration, words of wisdom, they all end up in the same place. That is why I am a writer not a speaker. When you speak, you need to have words and references stuck in your mind permanently. Us writers can google, we can check our facts or use a thesaurus when our brains go on the blink.

For today, I will blame the rain, the grizzly child and the driving at the time of revelation. I will chase that blog to the ends of my brain, but it may be lost forever and for that I am truly sad and sorry.

However, tomorrow is a new day, with new observations and inklings! Perhaps I will find another path to follow and remind myself about the importance of carrying a notepad and pen!