Grrrr plugs: small foam cylinders that you place gently in your ears in times of  grrrrrrr.

All of us need these from time to time. Unlike ear plugs, grrrr plugs only block out the sounds that drive thyself crazy. What kind of situations would you need such a blockage you may be wondering? Let me enlighten you as you take a stroll in my shoes…

It was a day like any other. The sun had made a welcome arrival after days of torrential rain. The kids were off! The mother was on her own. Then ‘pick up time’ arrived. Da da daaaaaaa! The son was happy, the car was miraculously parked next to the school and the little lady clutched her small elephant to her face. All was good.

Back to the car. Boy in seat, girl getting ready to hop in car. Unfortunately the mother decided to pick the girl up over the river flowing down the gutter next to the car and the girl screamed out in protest. Mother continued to talk her through it. Screaming ensued and the boy and the mother were left in a state of grrrrr. Thus the grrrrr plug would have been swiftly nabbed out of handbag and sweetly shoved in two sets of ears and the grrrr would have disappeared.

Unfortunately, the grrrrr has made a daily appearance around 4pm each day for about a week. This may require a visit to the grrrrrr doctor who may well prescribe some anti-grrrrrr medication to keep the meltdowns at arm’s, arm’s length.

However, the sun is back out. Hello. And the girl has been behaving sans grrrrr medication (whatever that would be). So fingers, toes and eyes crossed for 4pm. Gotta love the little lady! She’s a spirited one… just like me!