Hair cut, coloured, latest style = $50-$500 +/ visit

Bikini waxes = $25-$50(?) / visit

Skin care = $20- $300/ purchase

Hair products = $5- $100/ product

Shoes = $10-$200+ / pair

Clothes = $10-$1oo+ / item

Nails = $2-$30 / product

Underwear = $2-$20+/item

Jewelry = $2-$100+ / item

Make up = $10-$50+/item

Exercise = $10-$40/class

Swimmers = $40-$100+ / suit

These items make up an average woman’s costing for presenting a culturally appropriate image to the world. SO MUCH MONEY PEOPLE! When you add it up, it is a little humbling. I have just included the basics here.

This is not a rant about silly women spending silly money on silly things but a bit of a wake up call. Living in an image conscious, wealthy area, this is what I see everyday. I also have a friend in Zimbabwe who struggles everyday to keep an abandoned babies home going and food on his own table.

When you have two completely different worlds to compare, you see how crazy it is to spend money on cosmetics and ripping hairs out of the nether regions. Money that could go towards giving little babies food, family and the simple presence of some one to cuddle them. It’s not a guilt thing but a sobering thought for the day. I just think that we get so caught up in our culture that we don’t stop to question whether it is right? Or where our money could be used for good, even if we don’t see the results in front of our face, or on our face.

It is a rainy, pondery day in the big smoke. A day to consider. If you have the vibe, the desire to give some money to a truly beautiful project, the details of my friend’s abandoned babies home in Zimbabwe are:

Money makes a difference