Some days I just want pie. Really good pie, like Lemon Meringue or Pumpkin Pie. Something that takes effort and an artistic hand. I just want it to be in my fridge when I open the door.

Some days I want someone to say, “Have the day off”. No need to plan, to nag or to do anything you don’t want to. Just do what you want to; no limits, no judging. Feel free!

Some days I want to be able to run a marathon or jump as high as I used to without my aging bones complaining. And swim around that headland without the fear of sharks and play tennis and boggle and basketball like a pro.

Some days I want to be around fun people. Those who just want to enjoy the day. Good food, good wine, a board game or two. No time constraints, just good old fashion fun.

Some days I just want it to be quiet. So I can hear those birdies sing, the crickets crick and the children sing. I just want a moment to think and oooo to dream again. Remember that? Lying on my rug in the backyard, spending minutes looking up at the clouds and creating stories from their shapes. Dreaming about what I will be when I grow up.

Some days I just want to watch movies. Old, new, retro 80’s crap. The melodrama, the comedy, the clothes. To laugh, cry and indulge in movie-like food and not feel bloated and guilty.

Some days I just want to have money to do with what I want. I want to owe no one anything. I want to design and build my dream home with furnishings that I like, not just ones that I can find here and there for a good price. I want to wear clothes I choose, not just the ones on sale or at the op shop (love you op shop, you know that!)

Some days, some days. I just want to be looked after. Cleaned up after, cooked (gourmet style) for, read to, tucked in. You don’t appreciate it when you’re a kid. But isn’t that the life? Dinner, done. Bath, done. Clothes, there. Education, here you go. Decisions, made. Cuddles, absolutely. Understanding, there. Dreams, encouraged.

Some days…