I’ve invented a new demographic; Yold. It’s between young and old. I was at a cosmetics counter today and a lady said, “Oh you can wear that because you are so young”. Now, 32 is not THAT young; it’s a limbo age.

Thirty something year olds straddle two worlds. You (we) are momentarily stuck between youth and middle age. You’ve left the uncertain twenties behind. Often you are wiser and a lot more comfortable in your middle, middle aged skin. People may think you are in your twenties if you are lucky. If you are really unlucky they might mistake you for a teenager. Time to dress your age perhaps.

So Yold, what do you look like? A Yold person has baby crow’s feet around the eyes. Some may wear skinny jeans, boots and oversized tops for women and skate shoes, straight leg jeans and t-shirts for the guys (or is that just my husband?). A Yold has coloured hair, not necessarily covering grey. They still care about appearance but are equally focussed on others: children, aging parents, co-workers, partners, animals. They are busy people with stuff to accomplish before it’s too late.

They often live in a house with one or two cars and are developing a desire to garden in preparation for the twilight years. They buy age defying skin care products and belly defying clothes. Their past regrets are exorcised through exercise. They spend way too long at supermarkets reading labels. They cook glamorous food (or at least they want  to) and enjoy the company of a glass of red on a cold winter’s night.

A Yold’s patience is starting to fray. They can find themselves arguing with people over the silliest of things. They have developed valuable haggling skills. They take more holidays, seizing the day while they can. They are simultaneously relaxed  and anxious due to overzealous superannuation and life insurance campaigns.

The Yolds love entertainment. They analyze current trends, picking what they like, not necessarily what is popular. They look at teenagers with a knowing smile, “been there done that.” If only they could save this generation the angst of the past.

Yolds start enjoying their family again. They’re left the past in the past and have chosen a mature relationship. As the tide turns, Yolds take more of a parental role over their elders and find contentment  in caring for others.

Yolds are a little confused, a little scared, but seem, somehow, to be getting things sorted. They crave balance and stability with a touch of adventure and excitement. And if you are now past the Yold stage and steering into middle age or elderly, you too may have a knowing smile on your face. You too may wish to save this generation the angst of the past.