Not for me…

– Grit in my bed; be it sand, dirt or tiny stones. I am no princess and there are to be no peas of any kind in my bed.

– Broken, dry, fuzzy hair (of mine). I just wish I had hair that behaved. The hair that shines and bobs up and down as I walk, looking flawless and effortless. But mine is stubborn, dry and flat. (bigger fish to fry Emma!).

– Toys on floor, shoes in doorway. BECAUSE I am clumsy, I have big feet and I don’t always look where I am going. SO if there are small items, or big heifer shoes in my way and I don’t look, over I go! Stumble, stumble trip, growl, hiss.

– Stinky toilets. Which is why I have instituted the deodorant spray in the bathroom rule to be used after stinky movements. Now the bathroom has a new smell, one of fake roses.

– Faded and stretched clothes, pimples, empty promises, old bones, mold, being wrong, squealing, dry and cracked skin, unresponsiveness and hollow stories.

What I love love love…

-My family! The fun, the cuddles, the comforts of home.

– Writing of course. I love the intrigue, the puzzle building and fixing, the creating, as if I am ironing a wrinkled shirt, making it crisp and pleasant to look at.

– Sport. Playing, watching, teaching my kids about it. Today I said I want a world without war. My son said, “I’d love to have war but without all the death.”; that would be sport. It’s exciting, uncertain and requires skill, strategy and superhuman effort (sometimes).

– Stories – film, books, tv, history. I just love them. I love being challenged, moved, angered, taught by them. I absolutely love characters; knowing them like they are real.

– Make overs. Now I’m not sure where this one comes from but I absolutely love them. Not just on humans but buildings, rooms, gardens. Perhaps it reveals my desire for perfection or beauty. I just don’t know. I don’t have to do the work myself, so there are no underlying aspirations to become a builder, it’s just watching something be improved or transformed that is satisfying.

It’s the grrr and aaaahs that put spice into life. Without the lows there are ho hum highs. A spicy life is one lived fully, making the most of everything this crazy world has to offer.