As the poet William Cowper declared, “Variety’s the very

spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”. Too right Willy. But

spice can make the belly grumble as well. What to do?

Humans crave adventure, something new. Just look at

the money we spend on rubbish simply because it is new.

I, for one, enjoy rearranging my house; dreaming up new

colour schemes, furniture orientation and decor, decor, decor!

Variety scares us, especially when it is unplanned.

But even when we have done our research, taken a poll

and then made a decision, change or adventure can be

terrifying. Dull is the life without colour or contrast. Winter

is not welcome unless it comes on the back of a stifling


Sausages are simply fat and guts in a

thin skin if we didn’t have spam to compare it to.

Be warned, though, the life of variety can become

addictive. You may not be content with anything if you

are always chasing new and different things. Sometimes

stability and routine can bring great comfort. Routine with a

touch of variety is the way to go: change your hair colour,

your lounge room configuration or your photographs but…

Do not make it a daily ritual, or

things may start to look…

a little strange and out of place, leaving others

confused about what you are really…


To sum up, enjoy variety, without it consuming all of