Murder, betrayal, blunt trauma, guns, blood. I’m talking thriller baby. According to a UK survey, women are abandoning the romantic novel for the thriller genre. According to the Telegraph’s article, no one wants a happy ending anymore. It makes my mouth curl.

Look at tv. At the risk of sounding old here, tv is going to the dogs. It just gets worse every time I turn it on. Murder, pale bodies, impaled abdomens, abductions. Perhaps real life is boring. Nothing shocks us anymore. Or do we need to be exposed to shocking stories to make our own dull lives look better? Perhaps a little escapism for your Friday night viewing?

There’s something beautiful about purity; not in a strict, self denying, controlling, only wear white way. It’s about embracing a green mind. Why are we content to pollute our heads with disturbing images and stories? There are some things we just don’t need to know.

Why have women switched from happy to horrific stories? Are we tired of sugar sweet romantic tales with predictable endings? These can be comforting and beautiful. You can relax in the knowledge that yes, Mr Darcy will end up with Elizabeth, even when all seems lost. This knowledge helps you relax and enjoy the story; you know that everything is going to be ok.

On the other hand, thrillers take you on an adventure, you never know how it’s going to end or what shocking secrets are just around the corner. And with the modern novel, the main character isn’t guaranteed to make it to the end, so anything can happen.

For me, I like witty romantic novels: mix a litre of humour, a dash of shocking behaviour, two cups of the dramatic and half a teaspoon of creativity; a perfect story. I could read a thousand books built on this recipe and still be satisfied. This is why I simply cannot get enough of Gilmore Girls. I can go on and on and on and on and on and on about that show but it just ticks all the boxes: humour – tick, quirky – tick, drama – tick, happy ending – tick, lovable characters – tick. A fun, fun, deep, moving show. Say no more.

I am content to be uncool. I will buck the yuck novel trend and walk to the beat of my own literature drum (I wonder what that would actually look like?). I am more than happy with full circle, satisfying stories, that end with a smile, with reconciliation and the world once more as it should be.