In a small African mud hut a sick mother lay on a hard, dirt floor. Her child by her side, she prayed for a bed to experience a little comfort before she died.

Twelve thousand kilometres away, a small boy, only two years old, woke up from his afternoon nap. He had been dreaming about the video his parents had shown him. It was of their trip to Munich, where they spent the day touring the Dachau Museum. This was housed in a World War Two concentration camp and the boy was amazed at how simple and hard the beds were. He could not comprehend that those people slept on wooden beds. They had no mattresses, no sheets, blankets or pillows. His own sleep was filled with questions.

He woke up aware of what needed to be done. As soon as he saw his mother, the little boy said, “Mum, we need to get a poor person a bed.” The mother thought this was a beautiful idea and shared it with her husband who knew a man in a poor country twelve thousand kilometres away. This man was asked if he knew anyone who needed a bed. “Let me see”, he said.

That Sunday he went to his church and asked around to see if anyone had need for a bed. This is when he met the poor, sick woman who had yearned for a little comfort. The man told the happy news to the family far away and things were put into action.

This sick mother received two beds. One for her son, one for herself. She died the following year, having had a little comfort to bring her peace in her final days. This all began with a two year old boy, a dream, an idea. Which goes to show, that no matter how young you are, you can change someone’s world for the better.

This is a true story.

I love the dreams of small children. They see and speak truth. Their ideas are powerful and should always be encouraged. I am amazed at how this tiny child was inspired to bring joy and comfort to a dying mother so far away.