Mothers do the darnedest things out of love for their kids:

* Swimming lessons: Sitting, chatting with fellow parents, ‘thumbs up’ -ing the half drowning efforts of a three year old. Handling the wet swimmers and the musty odors of after, not to mention the exhausted, ratty child desperate for a bit of shut-eye.

* Drop-offs/Pick-ups: This dizzy routine gets crazier as you add more children. There’s long daycare, preschool, school, sport, music, dance, play dates, park plays, beach plays and the list as we all know, goes on.

* Life skills: How to use the toilet, how to wipe their own bottom, how to brush teeth, how to hold a fork, how to change a tyre, how to floss, how to remember stuff, how to be tidy, how to say stuff, how to make beds and walk and talk and sing and dance and pay for things and use manners… that’s just the first five years! What next?

*  Words: As a parent, thinking of the right words, with the right meaning at the right time can be exhausting. They often come out sounding slightly condescending as they are not always delivered wholeheartedly. A mother yawns, stretches and looks at her chaotic house. Mess everywhere. Toys on floor, food on floor, and she just wants to be on the floor herself. Little Tommy pops up out of nowhere. That kid has a knack for it. “Mum, mum, see what I’ve drawn for you.” She squints, she thinks, she says, “Oh Tommy dear, that’s a beautiful house.” “Not a house, Mum, it’s a spaceship”. “Oh, I love the colours.”

*Pain: Obviously childbirth is painful, that’s a given. Let’s look at other pain, parents (let’s include dads here for obvious reasons) endure for the sake of their little ones:                                                                                                                                             -Back pain is experienced when a large child demands to be carried, or won’t get out of the bath, or tackles you when you’re not ready.                                                                    – Hair pulling happens from birth. Those little fingers grasp at long strands of hair, one yank, and the warm and fuzzies explode into something else altogether.                 – Tinnitus often comes in the form of a sort of ‘ringing’ in the ears. It is when those beautiful rosebud, soft skinned girls open their generous mouths and release emotions, thoughts, ideas in the form of a loud squeal/scream. The notes they reach are pretty impressive. But it is very painful when the ear piercing high ‘C’ is directed straight into an ear canal.                                                                                                              – Sleep loss is a form of torture that many parents are familiar with. Your head is getting very heavy, your eyes are snapped closed, dreams float passed your eyelids and you hear, “Muuuuuuuuum! Need to do a weeeeeee”. You commando roll off the bed, stagger through the dark into the child’s room and guide them to the toilet. You squat, head in hands, while the deed is done, then stagger the child back to bed…x 10! Miscellaneous: Kicks in crotches, elbows in boobs, hit, bit, feet stepped on, scratched, tripped, head butted, infected. Muscles spasm, bones crunch, hair falls out but it’s all done for the good of the children.

Parenthood is a rush! You never know what is around the corner, literally (my kids are great at hiding). For all the pain (and there’s a lot), you have a double dose of love, affection, loyalty and bonds of steel. Bring on the bruises and sleepless nights, kids rock!