I do hate Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I hate the big and the small, the bottles and cakes filled with magic. There’s something too easy about that.

I hate Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. And the queen… she’s not so scary. I hate the way this story makes me feel. Weird, weird, weird! While I appreciate creative thinking, this story just makes me feel uneasy. My son LOVES Alice in Wonderland, so I try and get my husband to read the book to him because I find it boring and weird. (Did I mention it’s WEIRD?)

Being a literature lover, hating Alice is difficult. I feel a little ashamed. I feel like an uneducated swine. How dare I? But really. C’mon!

photo by Nicogenin

Last night I accidentally hired out the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. I say accidentally because I love Johnny Depp movies and there he was all weird and green eyed, calling my name… “watch me”. So I did.

Love, love, loved it! It may seem a little hypocritical because of my previous rant, but Tim Burton is an expert at weird! Who would have thought to make Helena Bonham-Carter’s head 70% bigger or double the size of dear Johnny’s eyes? Brilliant! And Burton added action! Thank you Timmy. Dragons and robot card soldiers and talking animals. Yes! Well done. I love it.

So, does this version of the Alice story redeem the entire thing for me? No. I can’t stand reading that slow, boring book. But I’ll watch the Burton movie any day.