I once heard a preacher say that when you hold back tears it’s like a cancer growing inside you! The emotions slowly eat away at your soul, building up over time and ultimately bubbling up to cause carnage in your life.

I’m not sure what I think of the whole Kevin Rudd affair in Australian politics but I know for sure that as a people we should encourage the man to cry. His whole life was ripped out from under him. Betrayed, publicly humiliated, let the man cry. Blubber like a baby if you like, Kev.

Our culture sees crying in many negative ways. We see it as a sign of weakness (“Suck it up sucker!”) or  as attention-grabbing or so confronting that we cannot bear to see it. I feel gutted when I  see an old man crying. Especially when they talk of the war and all the terrible things they witnessed. It is very humbling.

Females tend to cry at the drop of a hat! Let’s say that hormones have a lot to do with that especially when it is over something as tame as a tv commercial. However, a lot of us get written off when we cry. We are seen as overemotional, weak, pathetic types when, really, it is brave to show your emotions. Because, let’s face it, we all feel crap at some stage. Others are just better at shoving it down. But what goes down must come up… and it could come up in a very uncontrolled, strange and frightening way. Remember what that preacher said!?

To cry or not to cry? Vulnerability can be powerful. It is especially important for kids to see their parents with emotions, with weaknesses and passion. It give kids permission to cry, to feel sad or betrayed or hurt. It sucks when you take the brave step of vulnerability and the other person freaks out or laughs it off. OUCH!

So, please. Let our leaders be people. I love that our former Prime Minister had the courage to let out his emotions. He is a great role model to our boys. Boys, you can be smart, powerful and emotional.