Image by Frank Hebbert

I think most of the adults watching Toy Story 3 needed a Valium as the credits rolled. Talk about sad and devastating (almost!!). I won’t give away all the secrets of number three but let’s say, Pixar succeeded in tapping into the emotions of both adults and children.

Reflecting on yesterday’s blog, I would have to agree with the Children and Media website. My three year old daughter had nightmares about the Monkey character last night, so there’s your proof. This character is demented. He could be out of a horror movie with his crazy eyes and loud clanging. Beware of the monkey carrying cymbals!

I was relieved to see minimal sexual references but the advertisement before the movie was a shocker! It’s the new boost bar ad about an over-sized chocolate bar lusting after a blond. Ah, hem, this is a kid’s movie. How inappropriate! I had to do some mighty distracting with my little lady!

All in all, Toy Story 3 is another quality movie. It didn’t talk down to the kids, it was action PACKED! and emotional with Andy leaving home for college. Get yourself ready for a thousand questions about growing up and why big kids no longer want their toys! The characters are lovely. My husband even liked the bully bear!

I can see the balance that the animation houses are trying to achieve. I just hope they don’t go too far in the future and open innocent eyes to things they’re not ready to see.

Precarious balancing