No more drop off, no more kids, no more homework, dirty nits.

The school holidays can be hard work for all concerned. Budgets are stretched, patience tested and brains are squeezed daily in a desperate search for the ideal holiday experience. The weather may be bad, or the kids sick or you may be sans car. Whatever the school holiday challenges are, we must be prepared. We must have our school holiday survival kit on hand.

Image by Rama

The Official School Holiday Survival Pack:

  • Movie tickets
  • Zoo, Aquarium, wildlife park etc tickets
  • Cousin / Friend days (share the load, people!)
  • Dvds (for those foul winter afternoons)
  • Kid’s recipe book + grandma/nanny/nanna to cook with them (while you pop your feet up on the lounge)
  • Painting / Play dough (depending on the age of your kid)
  • A trip – be it a weekend away, four days, or an adventure day
  • Special food – holiday cereal, snackage
  • New skills – tying shoes, learning somersaults, playing cricket – time is your friend
  • Bike riding – around and around and around they go as you sit in the winter sun and chat to a friend or two.

Alternate and unusual options include:

  • Backyard camping – for those who just cannot bring themselves to brave the cold of the real outdoors. Dig a hole, light a fire, toast marshmallows then hop in your tent (if you’re brave) or go inside and snuggle in your own bed.
  • Dance party – Hit mix includes a bit of Bon Jovi and lashings of Michael Jackson and his l’il sister.
  • Sand craftilisation competition: Beach, cold sand and beating hearts. The winter wind will fill their sails and inspire some highly impressive creativity. Make sure you bring prizes!

For those of us who have nearly reached the end of our tethers. Take heart. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the little rascals, for next week it’s all over.