Do you cringe when you look back at your photos of yester year? The clothes, the hair, the dos and don’ts and the dos that became DON”TS!

I remember the spiky fringe days. Massive amounts of gel or mousse were caked on those unsuspecting fringes. They sat up, almost all day. Well they had to when you were at school and you didn’t want to be tagged as a dag.

Sock styles were constantly changing. There was the socks over pants fad, then the socks scrunched down to the shoe faze and then the most unattractive long high socks up to the skirt style. I am still confused about where I stand with socks. I think I like the old scrunch down. And what colour sock do you wear with jeans and shorts? (Really, I’d like to know)

Colours are seasonal as well. You’ve got to find colours to suit your skin tone etc but there have been times when particular colours were definitely IN! For all

image by piercetheorganist

those children of the eighties do you remember, could you forget the era of the fluro? Tops, shorts, tights, swimmers, socks… everything that could be fluro, was! And how could we forget the hypercolor t-shirts? These we BIG for both girls and guys. Then there were the theme t-shirts. One particular fella had a shark bite t-shirt with the bite cut out of the side. Classic.

Then there was the scrunchie usually holding up a high ponytail. This was a must-have for the cool girls at school.

We seem to have gone from maximist to minimalist over the past twenty years! The hair has flattened, the colours have dulled and the clothes have become more body-friendly. I remember the days when I rebelliously wore a crop top and hot pants to church, just to make a scene and defy conventions. These days, long tops and leggings are the go, thank goodness! Very mummy friendly.

The curler has gone, the straightener is here. We have skinny jeans, boot leg jeans and straight leg jeans which are all socially acceptable. There are boots, flats, stilettos, ankle huggers, thongs (or flip flops for the American crowd), sandals, roman sandals – they all get the thumbs up in this post-post modernist culture. It’s an anything goes type of deal.

Whatever I wear now, I’m sure in twenty years I will look back and say, “What was I thinking!” I have this in the back of my mind when I consider following the fashion crowd. Whatever future Emma thinks, I’m sure I’ll remember what a hoot I was having and not what I was wearing. As I say to my kids, “Where’s it most important to be beautiful? In your heart.”