Kids cannot understand where all the money goes. They don’t get why African people are sick and have no money for food. They just can’t understand why poor kids have no toys and why some people live on the streets.

Image by Eric Pouhier

That was one of the questions my five year old raised with me:

“Why do people sleep on the ground in Australia? Did the boss of Australia take away their money?” Geesh, how to explain the complexities of this greedy world.

One of our good friends works with abandoned babies and the homeless in Zimbabwe. In a way, that situation is a little easier to explain to kids as the boss of Zimbabwe is corrupt and greedy. But when it’s on your doorstep and our government isn’t blatantly corrupt or evil, how do we describe accurately why people have to live on our streets? I don’t even understand it.

How simple are the eyes and minds of our kids? If only life were that simple. People need food. People grow food, so they should eat food. People need love, acceptance, a roof over their head and warmth and opportunities. Fullstop. How did we get it so wrong?

My three year old’s suggestion for helping the poor is this, “Tell everyone to give the African people money.” So, here it goes… please give the African people money. Or time or skills or prayers or exposure. Why is it so easy for us to sweep these problems under our expensive rugs? It’s not so difficult afterall. Just ask my daughter.

For an awesome opportunity to give money to the poor, you know where to go, what to do. But let me again plug our friends in Zimbabwe, who struggle everyday just with the basics. Go to and click on the link at the bottom of the page and it will give you the info you need to make a difference in Zimbabwe. And please tell your friends!

Or if you want to extend yourself and help more of the poor of this world why not volunteer some time and skills at Crossroads ( Don’t be overwhelmed, be empowered to make a change and bring justice back to our world.

Image by Jasonwu1987