School is back! I’m ready and rearing to go. Walking into the playground this morning felt surreal. I’m a real mother of a schoolboy now. I know the ropes, the people, the uniform and the teachers, no prob.

The familiarity of the school reminded me of a a television show. There in the playground were all the same characters. I was familiar with the plot and the tension. There were reunions, like an old cast getting back together for another season. It felt very Truman-esque. What will happen in the first episode? Will the long lost classmate come back from his world travels or will the directors and writers keep us in suspense?

How will the children cope without their usual teacher? Will the downtrodden finally stand up to the bullies? Will the basil survive the harsh winter and the possums and bandicoots? And when will it be library day? Oooo and who is going to be the new sportsmaster/mistress (?)?

I’m sure we’ll be eased back into the rhythm of the show. We’ll, once again, meet all the characters and observe how they relate to each other. There may be tears or new friendships formed. It will be a settling time once again.

A new term means a new focus with renewed energy. That’s a lot of NEW! But with the new, comes a lot of the old and that’s what makes us feel at ease. We are part of something bigger than a simple story; real community. No tv show can recreate the highs and lows of real life in small suburban Australia.

I love the characters at our school. They are endearing sorts. And I bet at the end of the ‘show’ when we look back, tears will well up as at the end of our favourite tv series. Our hearts will be warmed by the good memories as well as the challenges we were able to conquer together.