My kids start planning their birthday parties months in advance. As soon as the seasons change, my son asks, “When is it my birthday?”

They are a bit like me; crazy for the day of birth. What could be better? Presents, cake, junk food and a feeling of ‘special’ that you don’t get on the other days. As the birthday ball starts rolling, ideas flood through my brain. This year is the small party year! Hip hip… Which used to mean just family but as my son has just started school, I was thinking of a small school friends par of the tee?! Maccas, putt putt? A trip to the…?

The toy sales have begun with a vengeance, which further encourages my forward thinking children. Present ideas…brain drain! Think ahead, what types of toys do my kids love and will love in a few months? Lego (always a winner), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (a new fascination), Star Wars (you can’t go wrong here), My Little Pony, Barbie, Polly Pocket, dollies, teddies and snuggly dogs that “woof”. And that’s just for my kids.

My thoughts then take a side trip to the cake, cos in my mind I LOVE making the cake. In reality, it is a little stressful and my husband usually has to step in to right wrongs at the last minute. My kids love poring over the Women’s Weekly cake book; my daughter picked out the most difficult one. Bring it on!

Then there is the co-ordination of the party date to fit in with other members of the family and school activities. Then there is a pause. A realisation that really we have months. MONTHS. By the time we reach the day, we may have run out of puff, out of passion, out of excitement. Time to ration out the anticipation perhaps!?