Mums are surrounded by their children 24/7. But what happens when you have a day to yourself? When your children have reached preschool or school age and off they go, ta ta. What is a mum to do?

Silence descends. Guilt peeks around the corner. Panic sets in. Breathe. Time is your friend. Suck in the silence, spit out the guilt, relax and bask in the achievement of healthy, happy kidness. Give yourself a high five! Job well done. Do some jobs, potter around here and there. Write a list.

Go to the beach or the park not for a playdate but for a walk, a fast one, cos you can. Go for hours, cos you can. Eat when and what you want, cos you CAN. Have 2 coffees, go crazy (you probably will). Read, smell, shop, close your eyes and have a little nap, though not while you’re on your second coffee.

Buy a puzzle, pick up your knitting or some other nifty craft. Go to the movies, wacko! Pore through your local library: cook books, biographies, a new novelist, without going anywhere near the kids’ section. Paint, garden, glue, squish, run/walk/run, relax!

Mums have an inbuilt ticking clock: sleeptime, lunchtime, pick up/drop off time, play time, cleaning time, time time…It’s time to include ‘you time ‘and not ‘guilt time’! Silence oh golden silence. Imagine it, the only problems to solve are your own. The only nagging, demanding voice is your own. Peace sister! Enjoy.