I say that one in two parents aspire to be an author of a children’s book. At the moment, I am walking my two kids through a story I like to call, Princess Snuggly-pants and Prince Rara. These are my early morning thoughts; ideas that wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it weren’t for my morning cuddle sessions with the kids.

Bleary eyed and wrapped in my ten blankets, the kids snuggle next to me and beg, “tell us a story, Mum!” How can I resist? So, the other day I started with the tale of Princess Snuggly-pants and Prince Rara. I tend to go for stories where things just work out, but my clever son wanted some drama, a bit of fighting. So, the token baddie, Senor Fiddlesticks arrived on the scene.

Senor Fiddlesticks is a tall, lanky character. Not very scary as I don’t really like baddies. He had to have something lovable about himself. He has a long wispy moustache and a crazy look permanently fixed on his bony face. He’s not too smart. One of the dramatic moments occurs when he dresses up as Prince Rara on the royals’ wedding day. Prince Rara had planned on wearing his best suit of armour and Senor Fiddlesticks arms and legs stuck out so, that the armour looked more like metal shorts and t-shirt. Senor Fiddlesticks thinks that he can trick Princess Snuggly-pants into marrying him and then he would become ruler. “Mwooaaaaahah ha ha… ha!”

Unfortunately, Princess Snuggly-pants has it all going on upstairs and can see through his trickery (obviously) and she whips off his helmet and exposes his treachery. Then, Prince Rara is found tied up to a sheep in the barn and is set free to marry his princess. (The sheep bore witness of course).

I’m not sure if my stories would cut it in the big world of publishing, it doesn’t matter. I have no lofty kid fiction goals. My greatest achievement is making my kids laugh! All you need is a fart joke, silly names and surprising endings = success.