Block out the day on your calendar, set an alarm because next Monday this Worddancer is launching an Oscars club.

We will begin from the very first ‘Best Picture’ award winning film and work our way to the most recent recipient. It’s going to be quite a ride. There’ll be some that will bore us to tears and others we will have completely forgotten about. Your mission is to track down the upcoming film, watch it, read my take on it and contribute yours. It’s like a book club for really awesome films.

As a kid and as an adult, I have always loved watching the Oscars. It’s not just about the glamour and the fashion and the sometimes feeble attempts at comedy, no. It’s about the best of the best fighting it out for the ultimate prize; a naked gold man cuddling himself. It is sport for movie buffs and I like it!

Oscar Trivia

  • The first Oscars were held on May 1929
  • They were created by Louis. B Mayer (head of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios)
  • On the first night, tickets were $5 and twenty-six people attended
  • For the first year only, Oscar winners were notified six months prior to the ceremony of their victory. This was changed for obvious reasons the following year
  • Winners of Oscar statuettes are not allowed to resell their trophies unless they first offer it to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for US$1. Talk about a rip off. But if they refuse this condition, they don’t get to keep their naked gold man! Tough crowd.

That’s enough trivia for now. More will follow each Monday for the next umpteen and a half weeks. The first film for our Oscars Club will be Wings from 1927. I’ve only been able to track it down on YouTube. Can you believe that it has not been released on DVD as yet? If you can, check it out and join in the discussion next Monday 16th August 2010.

I’m excited!