Image by Bidgee

The stupid rain wet my five loads of washing today. Stupid rain. Twas such a lovely day yesterday. And so, first thing this morning, I yanked on my old sneakers, my hooded jacket and stomped up the backyard and started pulling my favourite clothes off the line and then my less favourite and then the necessary socks and the like!

Lucky for me the rain was light but my body was in shock. Don’t wanna be in the stupid rain taking off the stupid washing while I wake up. It’s all stupid, stupid, stupid. No, I am not a morning person. Sure, I can fake it if I need to when with company. But as my lovely family can testify to, mummy’s smile does not often make an appearance until around 8:30 am. And so the “stupids” continued.

Later on my little daughter pulled me up on the fact I had said, “stupid”, when I

Image by Mary Harrsch

returned from pulling the half wet stupid washing off the stupid line and then with forced calmness, hung up the stupid washing on the fabulous back verandah. I was hoping that my coffee wouldn’t arrive before I had finished and lo’ and behold, it came right on time as I returned, “stupids” in tow, to the kitchen table where I was greeted by some mildly amused, mildly shocked little faces and one large one looking apprehensively at me, perhaps thinking, “what’s next?”

Another “stupid” perhaps? But back to the main point. I encourage my kids to use kind words, words of life, positive words to inspire, to guide them in the way they tackle the many challenges of life. So when I crack open a “stupid” it creates confusion. I’m not sure what I think of “stupid” as a taboo word in the household. It’s neither here nor there for me personally but all the cool mums tell their kids not to say it, so who am I to think differently?

And so the ‘stupid’ conversation led to the hypocritical conversation. This is the one where the kids learn the truth about adults. It is (if you haven’t worked it out already) that we are all hypocritical at some stage in our lives. We don’t always mean to be but there you have it. So when mummy releases the “stupid” after a frustrating encounter with rain, I encouraged the kids to simply see it as mummy being a hypocrite and that is all. It doesn’t give them permission to do the same, but I am comfortable knowing that my kids do not see me as superwoman, but as a normal, hypocritical adult who sometimes must let loose on the rain in a fairly tame manner really.

Stupid rain! But as my son reminded me, “At least your grass will be growing mummy.” The subtext = think positively!!!!!!!!!!!