What a job it would be to be Margaret Pomeranz. What a character she is in herself; the voice, the hair, she’s awesome.

I would simply love to spend my working hours talking film, watching films and arguing with another film buff. To know movie history backwards…it would make you the Bruce McAvaney of the celluloid world; that is our Margaret. Film, film, film.

Imagine Margaret Pomeranz, the musical. Young Margaret struts down George St on a perfect summer day. Her feet are light and her eyes shine with the knowledge that she is off to NIDA to follow her dreams. All of a sudden a group of arty NIDA students jump out at her and join together in a crazy 1960s hippy dance. They are all on top of the world because they are going to be STARS! The dance ends in a group hug and they all link arms and skip towards the bus that is covered in neon lights, waiting to take them to their beloved NIDA.

Fast forward forty years and the older Margaret is found in her dressing room before a taping of At the movies. It is a sad song. She mourns the loss of The Movie Show and her beloved SBS. The song picks up tempo as she realises that the ABC really isn’t so bad and that she still has her friend, her best friend, David Stratton, by her side.

The musical concludes on the set of her new show. Per convention, it is a big closing number. It is all about disappointing movies and predictable plot lines. She sings about new technology and first time directors, about her love, her passion for film and the joy it is to save people from wasting precious time with crappy movies. Curtain.

Imagine that! Oh Margaret Pomeranz, thank you for inspiring a new generation of film addicts, buffs and self-proclaimed reviewers. If only we could fill your tiny shoes!