When you watched the tear jerking movie Pay it forward, did you? Pay. It. Forward?

I love the idea, I think we all did. It’s a thought that inspires but does it result in change and true generosity? I think of all the amazing things put out on council cleanups across Australia and I think, could they have put this stuff to better use? What about the Salvos, they pick up you know! (There are TVs, trampolines, toys, bikes, beds, drawers, stools, lounges etc etc etc…!!!)

Recycling isn’t just about the environment, but about sharing all we have with each other. It’s about building true community. This week one of my son’s friends gave my daughter a Wiggles DVD. She could have just let it gather dust or sold it on Ebay but she, at five years old, decided to give it to the little sister of a friend. It’s amazing how generous our kids can be.

I’m a part of a group called ‘Freecycle;’. This is a fantastic online community that gives offers up possessions when they are no longer needed. They also put out requests, so if you need baby clothes, a lounge, a tv or anything really, you just put it out there. What could be easier? It is a simple way of recycling and I guess generosity too. Loads of people have at least one thing hanging around that they don’t want or need anymore and as they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And so we freecycle, for free, you see. (Simply google freecycle to find a group in your area).

Paying it forward is all about generosity. It’s not about getting everything you want. It is simply one human being helping another and it feels GOOD!