image by Petru Dimitriu

“Why do you always wear jeans, mum?” asked my five year old this morning. Good question. Why DO I always wear jeans?

As a home mum, there’s no real need for stockings, skirts and dresses. And really no budget for it, I’m sorry to say. But I’d feel a bit overdressed if I donned a dress and boots just for drop off, shopping or swimming lessons. You don’t want to use your good stuff for everyday life. No, go the jeans! They are comfy, warm, practical and go with pretty much anything. You can dress them up with snazzy boots, dress them down with sneakers, wear them rolled up at the cuff, 3/4 style, skinny, flared, boot, half way down your bottom, any way really!

Where did this clothing staple begin? I guess it has some blue collar roots, not just cos jeans are generally blue, mind you. Let’s dig a little deeper:

Jean History According to Internet Sources

  • The first type of jean was worn by sailors in India and simultaneously being manufactured in Chieri, Italy.
  • ‘Jeans’ comes from the French phrase, bleu de Genes, which means blue of Genoa, the harbour where Jeans were first sold.
  • Overalls followed, increasing in popularity amongst American farmers thanks to a potato farmer called, Randy Bister.
  • The first American blue jean was created by, you guessed it, Levi Strauss. Good old Levi teamed up with Jacob Davis to manufacture these blue numbers to the rest of the world.
  • The first pair of jeans was sold for $1.50. Bargain, right? Well in today’s terms that’s $34! Not bad, not bad.
  • Initially jeans were worn by workers (ta da! go the blue collars). But then ye old pop culture picked it up and it caught like wild fire across the globe.
  • First it was a cowboy thang. Then smokey James Dean made jeans a symbol of rebellion in the 1950’s and so they finally became cool.
  • Today we have designer jeans that cost a monkey’s arm and leg. There is the preworn look, the ripped jeans, the patterned jeans, the skinny jeans, the flares, boot leg.

So to answer your question little man, I wear jeans because they are cool; James Dean said so!