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My son was in hospital this week. Very sick indeed. All better now. So now I will rant away about hospitals in Australia.

Ah-hem. It’s all about respect, or lack of that is. Every mealtime, the lovely food server person would come around and present us with a tray. One hot,

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dicey, meal, a bit of fruit or the like and a kind of dessert. There would be juice or milk which was probably the best part of the tray. I’ve got to say, the government and health officials obviously have no respect for the sick. Half the food is processed crap, the other half is inedible crap. The desserts are fine, mind you but the rest, well most of it ends up in the bin, unless you’re starving.

I know this is the public system but honestly, how hard is it to make a salad? Woolies does it! A lump of dried old mashed potato is just disrespectful. It’s worse than prison food and what can we do about it? Do we need Jamie Oliver to hold our hands so we provide proper meals to those suffering in our midst? Can’t we be our own Jamies?

And another thing! Our doctors and nurses work so hard with so many disgusting jobs and difficult and demanding people (not us, we were ‘angels’), and yet they are not given the support they need. I have heard stories of nurses having to go to the pharmacy to buy supplies and not just medical items, admin stuff too! Where is the respect?

I am so grateful to Doctor Pinner and the nurses of level 6 Mona Vale Hospital! I wish and hope they are well supported by this new, odd government that is coming in. But if they aren’t and things just get worse, what are we going to do about it? Just sit by and hope we don’t get sick?

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