Image by Jon Bragg

A while ago we were travelling down to the ‘gong to visit the grandparents. Outg of the blue, my son says, “Maybe Nanny will have a present for us!” And I, in all my motherly wisdom retort, “Oh sweetheart, I don’t think so, you can’t expect that everytime we visit.” His answer? “THINK POSITIVELY!!!!!”

Well, was I put in my place! This was an idea we had been drumming into him for some weeks prior. You see, my lovely son is a little like me sometimes. We both suffer from the disease I like to call ‘Silly Talk’. This syndrome rears its ugly head when one feels unloved, unimportant and unfairly treated. For example, if little sister forcefully asks to play with certain Star Wars toys, in the past big brother has been known to say, “Fine, you can have it forever, she can have all my toys!” = SILLY TALK. (And little sister happily takes his word for it! Good times for her!)

An adult version of Silly Talk would be, “Fine, be that way, I don’t care.” But you really do… care. This places yourself firmly in the ‘victim’ role, hard done by, sad, frustrated with no way out; a silly place. The treatment for such a dire condition is called Positive Thinking. A simple but effective solution. Instead of big brother getting upset at little sister’s request, perhaps he could think, “Oh, isn’t this nice. She likes what I like! She must like ME!”

But no, human nature dictates that we often read each other incorrectly. We take things the wrong way, we think the worst of others and ourselves. This leads to Silly Talk, sadness and a life lived in a bubble of self-pity. Which is why I was humbled when big brother/little son came out with “Think Postively!”

It is nice to see that some things get through!!

Image by Vaikunda Raja