Why IS it better to give than receive? Because it simply feels better to give than receive. There is something soulful about giving. It is so right.

I’ve been watching the second season of The Secret Millionaire and the giving phenomenon is what this show is based on. These highly successful people get

Image by michael kooiman

$20 a day to live on. They spend ten days in some of our poorest communities where they zero in on a few needy people. On the last day they reveal themselves to be a millionaire and hand over an impressive amount of cash. Then there’s a mass of tears, shock, humility and the most grateful person always turns out to be the millionaire, “I thought I was here to give to them, but it has been ME that has received the most” (or something similar).

I had a friend who had married into an extremely wealthy family. She was so humbled by all she had been given, that she started a charity to raise money for rare childhood diseases. This was a huge undertaking; she was a young mum with teeny tiny kids … say no more! It was her heart’s desire to give out of a deep gratitude of what she had been given! It felt good.

I love presents. I love surprises and it is a humbling experience when you are given things. I have had a few generous people give to me lately and I cannot thank them enough. The generosity of others inspires me to be extravagantly generous to others; the old ‘pay it forward’ idea. I am not there yet. I’d love to be more out of control generous.

I think it’s incredible that the idea of giving is more satisfying than receiving. It goes against our selfish human nature.  And once you have a taste of it, you will never look back.

Image by Arnold Reinhold