My Lemon Meringue Pie

I love food. Not just any food, love food. I love it when someone cooks for me. Not just because I don’t have to do it myself, but because it is such a giving thing. It’s quite simply LOVELY!

I’m no superstar cookerer but I have grown an appreciation for fresh, tasty food. I have my inlaw side of the family to thank for this as they have taught me that there are better things out there than Chicken Tonight. One night, when I was first dating my husband, I proudly cooked him dinner. In front of him (to his horror) was my favourite Chicken Tonight dish, Mustard Chicken. Hmmmm. All I can say is there was a polite look on his face and a reaction that told me (in retrospect) that he appreciated the effort.

Years later it dawned on me that garlic didn’t just come minced in a bottle, ginger was a root type thing and herbs are sad when they’re dried. In those early, ignorant days, savoury dishes were not my forte. I was a great baker. I loved to bake cos I loved to eat homemade, warm delectables; still do! But now the tables have turned. I’m now obsessed with tasty dinners, much to my family’s dismay as I tend to favour the slow-cooked meals.

I must say that my baking has gone downhill. I love to bake well. And at the risk of sounding like I’m passing the buck, I think it’s my oven. I bake banana bread or date loaf or the humble cake and the outside is a nice honey colour and the skewer comes out clean! I have ticked all the boxes so it should be a moment of triumph! No! Once I cut into the thing I realise that the middle is still raw. My bottom lip droops as I cut away the cooked portion for my morning tea. Have I lost my touch? Is it really the dreaded oven? I cannot be sure.

Despite my cookery failures and successes and still love the challenge. I love the eating as well and I feel so loved when someone bakes/cooks for me. This must be a new ‘love language’ that has arrived with the saturation of cooking shows on our tvs. I only hope that my baked goods can rise to the challenge and make others feel loved and not sick!!! (Any tips?)