Spring has sprung and so it is birthday season in our house. First my son’s, then daughter, mine and my hubby’s. As those buds blossom, so do the hopes of excited children and adults alike as we all wonder what the heck we will get  and we will do THIS year!

Birthday Number 1:
Son’s birthday will be Star Wars themed this year just like the last. But these previous 365 days have matured him. He has moved on from the older, classic movies to the newer, some would say hipper Clone Wars. This means more research for mother. These new characters are still a mystery to me! L’il daughter is already Clone Wars savvy. She has requested to be Ahsoka Tano who is painted orange and has a crop top and weird headdress. We may have to rethink that! Birthday boy wants to be Anakin or was it Yoda? Hmmm. I still have a week or two to confirm. Birthday Cake: Darth Vader.

Birthday Number 2:

Daughty’s party, so far, will be pony themed combined with a dolly’s tea party. She has already requested a pony race. This originally had my husband and I being the ponies, giving small kids rides. I quickly threw that out and suggested using her horse sticks instead (is that what they are called?). The vision for party two consists of the adults sitting down to a ‘high tea’ type do, sipping on cappucinos while the girls play dollies with a miniature tea set of their own. There will be polite conversation with pinkies raised and that’s just the 4 year olds! Pass the parcel will feature at both shin digs and then that will be that! Birthday Cake: Either Ponies or Barbie.

Birthday Number 3:

image by User:Blueberry pancake and User:Shades0404

My birthday! Number 33. A nicely balanced number indeed. This year I’m considering a home dinner party with my nearest and dearest. Perhaps a spot of BBQ prawns, several sips of white wine and deeply sugary, rich and stomach swelling desserts! I see fairy lights, sleeping children, talk of the ‘old days’ and the chirp of crickets. There may be a guitar moment, offers to help clean up (denied) and perhaps if we’re really brave, a late night movie!?

Birthday Number 4:

Image by Ukko.de

This one is a biggie, worthy of over-the-top moments, presents and fuss a-go-go. My husband turns 40 on this day. So far we have tickets to U2 (yoooo hooo!) and a vague plan of drinks and snacks on the beach (though we have to check if it is an alcohol-free zone, surely NOT!).

Picture it: Dusk; a faint breeze cools our skin as we dig into cheese, bikkies, nutty dip and macadamias! Ooooo and don’t forget the chips. A cake, a toast, a pat on the back and some more polite to impolite conversation. Then the sun sets. Ratty, salty kids go home and a new decade dawns!

So, there’s birthday season 2010 for our clan. It’s a lot of work, plotting and planning. Hopes may be dashed with inclement weather or bad presents or cancelled tours. But the best thing about this season is that we celebrate our little family, one at a time.