Springliness; warmer days, fresh, cool nights. Perfecto. There is something refreshing about every season. But it is Spring that gives breath and life to all around.

At Spring’s dawn, we brave cold mornings in our singlet tops and open shoes, because it is Spring and you know what is just around the corner, don’t you? Lazy days on the beach, lump in throat as your over-confident child rushes towards the rough waves. It is the countdown to Christmas. Soon those over-zealous shopkeepers with have Christmas trees, baubles and tinsel as far as you can see. You’ll check your calendar and realise, yes, it is only September.

It is the magic of Spring that makes people do the darndest things, ie swimming in the ocean. Seeing that it is still only a harsh 16 degrees, I dub you ‘nutter’ if you choose, sans wetsuit, to take this on in September. Wait until the 22 degree mark like all normal people!!!

In this prelude to the silliest season (which we all LOVE), the average Jo and Joe grab their telescope and project their lives forward. This causes them to garden, de-clutter, perhaps a little painting goes on!? Bodies are surveyed and panic dieting and exercising often follow. They are preparing for the best time of the year!!!

Spring makes us dust off our summer dresses way too soon and pack away our winter woolies and doonas before the last frost. September brings rejoicing and impatience in equal quantity. The darkness of the Winter months has now passed and we are free to sit back and plan all the Spring/Summer barbeques we like and wait. We wait for daylight saving (when is it again?) and the warm, balmy summer breeze to wash our pastiness away.

So enjoy the season of limbo, the calm before the fun storm. Get those Christmas lists cranking and remember, seize the day, stop and smell a rose and ah, every rose has its thorn!

Image by Noodle snacks (http://www.noodlesnacks.com/)