My hands quiver when I am frustrated by life’s small annoyances. The hands are often open, palm side up in kind of a “why” position. Many noises follow such as “grrrrr”, “aaaaah”, or small and fairly tame profanities.

A friend of mine was sharing one of her pet hates; the pot drawer. The grrrrr factor in all this is the fact that most tins do not fit together as nicely as she would like, ie the muffin tin refusing to slide easily into the lamington tin which is too wide for the slice tin. On and on it goes. Do we have to buy the same brands to end this frustration?

For me, it is pegs. As hard as I try I’m always dropping pegs when hanging out the washing. It makes me feel as if I’m losing the plot or losing control of my limbs. They are not covered in detergent, nor are they the cheapest brand on the market. I’ve worked it out though. I  think I’m often in a rush and don’t take the time to smell the sunshine. I’m not losing the plot, not yet anyhow.

And another thing, computer! You’re in the doghouse too. Many a time I’ve written something and yes, I’ve made a spelling mistake and because you are slow, little machine, you take seconds to type what I’ve written. Now, I don’t like making spelling mistakes and your slowness simply adds to my frustration. Please keep up! And same to you, twitter, you’re just ridiculous.

My list of frustrations: my own fluffy hair, tripping on things I should have seen (ie toys, shoes etc), my local paperperson who doesn’t deliver when it rains (seriously, buy an umbrella), running out of ingredients, milk, bread. I hate food on the floor, mould, gastro and nits equally, waste, housework, tension, ignorance and screaming (got tinnitus going on!). Birds pooing on white sheets, misunderstandings, demands, sand in my bed and musty shoes all make my blood begin to simmer.

These are all so little, I know. But put them together on the one day with a bad sleep the night before and seriously run for the hills; the steam is going to explode out my ears and onto (I’m very sorry to say) my nearest and dearest. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s like New Year’s Eve and Halloween mixed into one. Note to self: must learn to laugh at your mistakes!