I’m in the middle of a baking frenzy; cupcakes, clone trooper cake and light saber gingerbread. I’m out of control!!!

I have my three year old helping me in a minor role. Flour is everywhere as usual. Unfortunately that means vacuuming again before the end of the day. What was I thinking? The best thing about cooking with ya mumma is the tasting bit. And I must say it is gratifying for me. Especially when little one pipes up and says, “Oh mum, I love your cooking!” I only wish it applied to dinner time!

Some parents go minimalistic on parties. I enjoy making stuff, decorating stuff

image by Photographer: Warren Denning. Creative Director: Stan Weir. Marketing Director: Tim Vlamis

and challenging myself to improve on last year’s effort. With 20 hours to go, everything is pretty much under control. At ten am tomorrow, I hand over the party (for the most part) to my amazing husband who has a talent for funness; especially when it comes to games; especially when it comes to Star Wars!!! He is also a cartoonist which ensures impressive decorations!

The cooking is almost donez. Then, with sore back, a slightly pouty mouth and heavy footsteps I will endeavour to do the last minute clean up! Oh society, why do you demand such cleanliness? It’s just not in my DNA.