Image by Renesis

Fads! Strange word, even stranger phenomenon. Why do we do it? Fashion, jargon, hair dos or don’ts! They’re everywhere and if you’re not careful, you too may be caught in a fad!

Cars are not immune to this. If you live anywhere near the ocean you will whole heartedly concur. A few years ago, random frangipanis began appearing on the back window of our coastal cars. “Cool!”, we all thought. What a neat way to feminise your car. Then they multiplied so that almost every 4WD had its own cluster of frangipanis . The newest fad in car sticker seems to be the fake broken window with a fake ball or rock or whatever sticking out from it, shockingly looking like the real deal.

What will be next for our boring old vehicles? My husband had an idea that I think you’re all going to like. On hot days near the beach people rest their elbows on their open car window sill. Hubby’s idea was to have a long arm hanging out of the car window, with metal knuckles so that when the car moved, the knuckles would create SPARKS on the road! Brilliant.

Last summer I was in limbo. Should I join the maxi dress fad or hold off and see if it’s a one year wonder? Well, I jumped in and bought 2 dresses and lo and behold, this summer, the maxi dress is still a winner, phew! It’s always a risk, being a fadster. Some years you buy that fake fur coat from Target, only to find the next year, it’s completely daggy. (It is still in my cupboard somewhere crying out for someone to wear it!)

There may be bigger fish to fry but it seems that we, in our over stimulated culture, need to keep moving forward. Even if it means looking back and feeling embarrassed at how unkempt our hair was, how snug our jeans fit and how ridiculously large our sunglasses were. At the end of the day it has to be FUN!