Image by Tomthehand

I don’t do many song reviews but this song has got me big time. Finally we have a love song based on reality!!! Woo of the hoo.

This is such a positive song based on the ugly side of ‘love’. Oh yes, for all you love birds out there who have never experienced a tiff with your significant ‘other’, this song may seem foreign. You may think it is cynical but for most of us, it is the reality of relationships. They ARE hard, Stan. They aren’t pretty sometimes and that’s the simple truth!

We all fail miserably at relating to each other but the up side is that even if you have tough times, you always have a choice! Choosing to love when you don’t feel like it or when the fire is merely a glowing ember takes guts. Fanning it into a flame takes work and keeping it blazing requires constant care and attention. Sometimes things are just too hard, we’re too tired, worn out etc but we always have the power to choose and that is why I love this song. Oh and it makes me dance!

And his voice! Initially I thought it was a new Guy Sebastian song but no, it is last year’s Australian Idol Winner, Stan Walker. Check it out …

Stan Walker Trivia:

  • Born: 23 October, 1990 in Melbourne, Australia
  • Walker moved from Australia to New Zealand and ended up in Coolangatta, QLD.
  • His father was violent, often beating his mum, which, in turn, led our Stan into the world of Marijuana and nicking things.
  • After hearing a testimony of a girl in a similar place to him, Stan started going to church. He says that music and church made him a “good boy” again.
  • Stan won the 7th season of Australian Idol and here he is today!

I hope you get as much out of it as I have. It is so refreshing to hear a REAL song with a groovy beat.