Worddancer has been on holidays, all due to bad internet availability at our accommodation. Somehow I survived without the blogging thing. I feel refreshed, light. Ready for a new era. So here it goes…

What do you do on holidays when your kids are sick (yes they were) and the weather is temperamental? You still relax and enjoy. You do not wish the weather better, the kids were more under control or there was more money in the bank to do adventurous things. Simplicity is happiness.

A cuppa, a movie, an indoor play centre. A mop of the sweaty brow, a dvd and a dip in the heated pool (even when a gale is blowing – yes it was!). You give yourself permission to do nothing. You read your way through that pile of books. You sit, walk and eat.

The kids may be happy to play or to get an ice cream! Do it! The kids may love just playing with their dad while you go shopping with your cousin – right on. No guilt. No duty. Free family fun.

And so it was with this holiday. As soon as I left the big smoke, I unhooked myself. I let out the valve on the airbed that was my brain. I was left deflated (in a good way). I felt rested, leaving the guilt and the duty to slide away.

And now that I’m back, I think I’ll keep the pressure down, the holiday glow can stay as long as it wants. Though there is a party to plan, school shoes to be bought, clothes to wash and yes, some holiday flab to be tackled. I will endeavour to keep my calm, cruisy brain thing going on and see if I can make it last a little longer!