Image by ampersandyslexia

Oh dear, where do I begin?

Shame #1: Commonwealth authorities what the helen of troy were you thinking? India? C’mon! Poverty, disease, corruption, dare I go on?

Shame #2: A wise man once said you must build your house on rock, when you build your house on sand, the wind, the rain, the pollution will make it crumble. And so it has been with Indian structures. Hang your heads in shame, builders.

Shame #3: Making good Aussies wait in 40 degree heat in a tunnel, sweat pouring from all glands, for the opening ceremony. No fresh air = cranky kangaroos.

Shame #4: Food glorious food! How unfair is it for our swimmers to underperform

image by Serenity

due to poor food hygiene, resulting in ‘the runs’. Gross. Imagine if they lost control whilst swimming! One swimmer may actually miss the whole thing, his first Games too! Perhaps he’s afraid of a telecast ‘whoopsie’ during the race, I know I would be! Honestly, how hard is it to offer athletes quality food? Refrigerate people! Wash-a-tha-hands!

Shame #5: The Boxers and The Inaccurate Scales – oh the shame, India, the shame. At first it was the Australian boxers who donned the red faces when all of them weighed in over the limit. Too many Big Macs you greedy little Aussies. The poor men had to hit the track and the saunas to drop below the weight limit.Then to the shame of India (once again) it was announced that the scales were dodgy and, in fact. our heavyweights were right on the money. Shame India Shame!

Let this be a lesson to our Olympic mates as you search for the next host country. Don’t  be swayed by compassion or population numbers. Rather, give those noble games to a country that can handle it. One that has the wits to look after its visitors with clean rooms and air conditioned tunnels. A place where water roams free and fruit only enhances your performance. Enough of political correctness-ality.

Although these Commonwealth Games have dished out some delectable drama, it has been excruciating to watch. Like Australian Idol when you just don’t know if they’re going to hit the note. Or downhill skiing, aerial skiing or base jumping. You simply must cover your eyes, bite down on your lip and hope for the best!!! Check out what Sky News thought of it in the lead up to these shameful games…