image by Ed g2s

You only have one day of the year that is truly yours. Mothers day you share with your own mother and Christmas is a time for all. But your birthday, ah, that blessed day when you say, “jump!” and a whole bunch of people scream “HOW HIGH?”, that is a glorious day.

However, with the limelight comes the politics. I am sorry to say that birthdays often arrive with a good dose of cloudy thinking and backroom deals.

In our house, I am the list maker. Every year around this time, I sit down, stick the pen butt in my mouth and start salivating over the amazing and glorious things I want for my birthday! When completed I usually send it to my husband, elect-tron-icall-y!, so he has it in hand to take shopping. The day arrives and, hey presto, success, I have a pile of stuff I wanted ta-da!

However, I have taken a moment to consider what message this sends to my beloved one. Does it show a lack of trust in his present buying abilities? Should I risk it and just let him decide what to buy me?

On the other hand, there are some that do not feel the need, the need for greed. They are the ones who are happy with ‘whatever’. They are content with dinner, a show, friends, food and a spot of bubbly goodness. They are the cruisy birthday people. They are happy to get vouchers, money or a homemade card. This seems like an easy way out for the present buyers but buyers BEWARE. This is harder than you may think. Especially when you belong to the present-loving elect. Oh yes! It is difficult to think cruisy present thoughts when you’re a list maker.

And then there are kids parties, acquaintances parties, family and the neighbour’s dog. How much to spend, how big the present, the store, second hand presents, the wrapping paper, the cards, the flourish, the moment, the reaction. It is all too complicated. It should be all about the heart behind it and entirely all about the person of the day! Fullstop.

If only it were that simple.  Just give the people what they want.  Sometimes life is messy, people misread people and expectations are ridiculously high, then birthdays can be quite disastrous. Cruisy present receivers give vouchers to list makers who think they don’t care cos they haven’t put in the thought and the cruisys think the listers have given them ‘filler’ type presents.

Your birthday is the one day where you have the right, nay, the privilege to get your own way. And why not? There are 364 days in a year when you have no chance, so take hold of that golden day and swing through it with a light heart and a sense of adventure!

image by luiz Carlos