Hands up who has seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Now, put your hand down if you liked/loved it, lived through it. For those of you who still have your hands up (and that is me too) know that you are not alone.

What a gripping, DISTURBING, confronting, European, yuck-o film that was. Seriously. I did NOT sign up to see images of headless women with their fat cut off! NO. I didn’t know that part was coming up! I spent a good portion of the end of that film hiding under my fluffy blanket (virtually sucking my thumb and forcing myself to think happy thoughts).

The hard thing about watching a foreign film is that when you are under said blanket, avoiding eye contact with the hideous screen, is you have to pretty quickly learn Swedish. You miss out on the clues cos you don’t know the language. So I developed a technique where I put my hands across my face (as you do) and make a triangle in an attempt to cut out the foul images and simply capture the words! In the end you catch half of what they say and half the action anyway, so it’s really pointless.

This story was upsetting the whole way through. It wasn’t just the gruesome murders but the disturbed investigators with their disturbing lives and disturbing ways that left me, well… disturbed. As a mum who lives in purity world, watching a movie like this is like being dragged slowly and painfully through a pit full of red hot coals. Aaaarrrggghhh. I didn’t like the girl with the dragon tattoo. She was weird. The whole movie was simply too dark for my pastel coloured vision. Too dark and sad and evil.

image by Siddharth Krish

It is interesting, however, that our society is obsessed with these stories. At my local newsagent they have a book profiling the world’s WORST serial killers! There’s a light read for you on a dark and stormy night. And then there are the television specials telling the same sad, evil tales of people doing yuck-o stuff. Crime novels are out of control. If you want to be a successful novelist write about murder! I just don’t have the stomach or imagination for it myself.

After experiencing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I felt like I needed a shower or to somehow cleanse my inner palette. So, I turned on the tv and there was the news. And funnily enough, reality didn’t seem as bad anymore.