Image by Nponte

  1. A cup of tea gone cold
  2. A promise of awesome food, the reality of a bad, sad, soggy meal
  3. Waiting with the fear of being stood up, then being stood up
  4. “Rain on your wedding day” – thanks Alanis
  5. The vomits, the runs, sickness when you’ve got things to do
  6. Hollow words
  7. Broken nail – IT REALLY HURTS
  8. Slugs on the step outside in the dark when you’re mid-run
  9. Fluffy, disobedient hair
  10. Bird poo on clean washing (I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again = sad)
  11. Crunchy floor
  12. Chin hair (on anyone)
  13. Nerves that bring on a slight stutter
  14. Dropping things
  15. No petrol in car
  16. Losing your favourite jumper/top/dress/undies/bikini…
  17. Scary movies – you just cannot get that time back
  18. Burnt steak (mind you that NEVER happens in our house – go hubby!)
  19. Peeling paint when you’ve just painted. What went wrong?
  20. Careless thoughts that turn into careless words that result in a beetroot red face!

What would be your top 20?