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Never throw anything out. Never! Today I found a pair of fluro pink sunnies I’ve had since a teen and to my horror, they are now back in fashion. Well, I tried them on and put them straight in the bag to go to the Op shop. I just can’t do it to myself. I’m not in that demographic anymore.

According to my beloved Sydney Morning Herald, denim is back. I had been considering letting my denim jacket run free, to graze on fresh pastures, to retire after many moons stuck in my dusty old cupboard. But now, as fashion dictates (and who, exactly is the dictator?) my dusty old jacket is once again, socially acceptable. Hip hip and hooray.

Denim can once again be worn with denim. How do we feel about this? High panters are back, perms have made a quiet resurgence, what will be next? I’m feeling lost in a forest of fashion possibilities and I’m not even fashion literate. I often wonder what my wardrobe would look like if I had a sizable clothes budget. In the past few years I have been very lucky to receive some quality second hand clothes from more fortunate ladies of a similar (sometimes excrutiatingly smaller) size. So, my clothes represent a variety of people. Where do the ‘others’ end and I begin?

My style:
* I say ‘no’ to fluro of any sort. I also say an equally gusto filled ‘no’ to pastels. I like strong colours and particular cuts of dresses that my ‘friends’ Trinny and Susannah say suits my figure. (Thanks to my aunty-in-law for that book, though I was a little unsure whether she was saying I was stylish or I desperately needed help!)
* Being tall, I tend to go for flats for shoes, though I do like the idea of wedges. Bare feet are always a ‘yes’ in my book!

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* Hair can be long or shortish but I feel like my best look is found in a medium length which is a little boring sometimes.
* I like comfort but will sacrifice a little if it means a swift boost to the self-esteem!
* I do like to check out what fashionistas are saying and pick and choose what I like and what will last for the next few years.

What is your style? Do you go with the fashion flow or wear the same timeless style each year? Do share.