I am a huge fan of dear old Veronica. I am watching all three seasons at the moment and I’ve noticed a few quirks that make it quite an odd TV series.

The first season bursts onto screens with a murder, betrayal and rejection, high school style. Voice overs are used to get you inside the head of our teenage detective, bringing a higher level of credibility to her story. She is quite a unique teen. Not only is she a detective with impressively honed skills, she is an outcast, unloved by many but still relatively happy and ok. She is sassy, confident, despite her massive internal bruising.


  1. Why oh why oh why the wigs? For the flashback scenes, Kristen Bell (Mars) wears some obvious wigs. But the wardrobe department did not stop there. One actor they used for two characters which meant again, a hideously obvious WIG. It’s not a winner, for me, anyway.
  2. How can one town be so unlucky? It’s like Midsummer Murders all

    Image by Civilengtiger

    over again. First, Veronica’s best friend is killed, then her boyfriend’s pregnant ex and a few others are killed in a suspicious bus crash, then her father is nearly killed 3 times in the space of 4 episodes. Most of these dramatic moments happen in this relatively small town. What gives? And what is in the water?

  3. Logan Echolls – Bad boy, archenemy of Veronica Mars, former boyfriend of murdered best friend Lilly and future boyfriend to Mars. He was super bad, unfeeling, unkind, troubled, rich and hated Veronica. Is it believable that in later episodes he has completely changed and so dramatically? He’s almost good!
  4. Can Veronica be classed as ‘poor’ if she drives a convertible?
  5. Do the dots in all the mysteries really join up?
  6. Why does trouble follow Veronica around, does she have a ‘kick me’ sign on her back?

As I said before, I really love this series. The quirks make it endearing. I love the characters, the unlikely mysteries and drama. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a love story?