It’s all about the power of suggestion. How I love the scene in The Biggest Loser when they walk into the room filled with food. There is the chocolate fountain, the pie warmer, the platters of deep fried goodness, the lollies, the cream, the cakes… are you getting hungry?

I love this show. How exciting is it to see these people reclaim their lives, overcome their bad habits and find freedom? Oh yes. Unfortunately it is shown at ‘snacking’ time in our house, so I usually watch the show chowing down on some dessert material, my bottom squarely and firmly set into the lounge cushions. I tut-tut the contestants who choose to take temptation while I indulge in my own game, on the lounge, away from prying personal trainer eyes.

A similar thing happened to me while I was working on a recent job. I was

image by Brandon Dilbeck

copy editing some manuals for a sport and fitness centre. The content was all about high GI and low GI foods, sugars, additives, exercise regimes and kicking bad habits and embracing a new way of life. And then I felt hungry. Not challenged or inspired to curb my own bad eating habits, but hungry. And as it was recently my birthday, there was heaps to choose from: jelly beans, red liquorice, chocolate and of course, cake.

There may come a day when the metabolism will not be so kind, the belly will explode and I may find myself on The Biggest Loser, while the more self-controlled of the world sit on their lounges snacking on fruit, yoghurt and the like.

Perhaps I should sign up with the personal trainer man, cut back on my GIs and increase my heart rate with exercise rather than really exciting movies. Hmmmm. Food for thought.