Ok, here’s my top 10 Christmas movies to get you in the mood. I know, it’s already November, the Christmas trees are up in the shops and the kids are rehearsing their Christmas spectaculars! To get into the non-humbug spirit of the season, here are a few
fil-ems to inspire you:

  1. Elf
  2. The Polar Express
  3. How The Grinch stole Christmas
  4. Joyeux Noel
  5. The Nativity Story
  6. It’s a Wonderful Life
  7. Miracle on 34th Street
  8. A Christmas Carol (From Classic to Muppets – you’re sure to find a version that suits you)
  9. Christmas Vacation (phil that one is for you!)
  10. Surviving Christmas

What’s your favourite Christmas flick? I was surprised there were not as many as I thought. Whether you go ‘santa’ themed or the Biblical perspective, you are bound to find a movie to ignite the Christmas spirit within you?

I couldn’t find one Australian Christmas film that has become a classic. Are we too cool for school? Do we leave the mush and slush to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere? Why, dear Aussies, embrace the sappy, the nostalgic and the ‘joyful’. Enough druggy, disturbing, dark thriller type movies. How about something light and happy for once or even a film that focuses on despair and ends in hope like It’s a Wonderful Life?

I must say A Christmas Carol still makes my bones creak and my blood run cold. It is the scariest story. Ghosts, chains, Christmas past, present and future. Death, disease, greed, cold. Brrrrrrr. I still don’t let my kids even watch the Muppet version. It has left me scarred. For life! No more Dickens for me.

Let’s come up with a new Christmas film. An Aussie one or a story from your homeland. Let’s not leave Christmas entertainment to the Americans or English! Grab your virtual pens, put on your thinking caps and write me an outline of a new (funny, sad, poignant) Christmas story. Let it be uplifting and Christmassy. Here’s mine:

image by Matt Kozlowski

A dark night. Streets full of people. Three little boys run around in dragon costumes, their parents struggling to see them in the dim light. This is a street that prides itself on Christmas lights. The boys stop. Something has caught their eye. It is a strange man sitting on a deck chair, staring into space. He has a beard and a small dog at this feet. His eyes are icy blue and his feet bare. Dirty. The boys are waiting for the show, for the lollies as usual. There are small blinking lights on this property. Not like many of the other houses. They keep staring at the man. The man suddenly starts staring at them, then starts laughing. Grabs his dog and disappears into the night. This is a ghost story. This is the story of a homeless man who went missing years ago. He chose to be homeless and give all he could to the poor of this community. He was a real ‘St Nic’ living up to the legend.

The boys and their families follow the trail of the staring old man, find out his story and remember that Christmas is a time for giving!

Ta da. I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!!!