“but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” (The Lord of the Rings – Gandalf).

Don’t you love the wisdom of this tale? Crunch time has come upon the whole world; it is life and death. In times of great trauma and distress a light is turned on and you see more clearly than you ever have before. In such times, the important things of life rise up and the insignificant fade away. Difficult seasons may not be welcome but what can you do about them? You can become a turtle and hide in your shell, you can run away and hope they just forget about you and deal with themselves or you can face them front on and keep fighting!

Oh, Lord of the Rings covers it all! You have the little people who ultimately save the day. They are the ones that the world had forgotten; a bit of a joke. Boromir (the man) despairs when he hears that the Hobbit, Frodo will be the one saving the world; all because Frodo is small. But that is what makes this a triumphant story. Don’t we love it when the little people save the day?

Aragorn is the fighter. Though Gandalf is lost, he pushes down the grief and gets on with the task ahead. He is a true leader. His mind is on the problem but he is not ruled by it. He will stand and fight ’til the death! Oooo I’d love to have a bit more Aragorn in my soul.

As much as I love the Elves, they are the ones retreating to a better land. Whether they die or head off in a weird old sky place, they are running away. Many stay to fight but, ultimately, they have given up on the “world of men”. And then there is Saruman who has also given up and is retreating in his own way. By joining the ‘baddies’ he, also, is giving up on the battle for good in the world. His mind gets so twisted by fear and despair that he falls in with the bad crowd and adds to the problem.

This book/ film trilogy touches a deep part of us. We are all aware (consciously or not) of the ‘battles’ raging around us. You could call them ‘good’ and ‘evil’ if you wish. But they are there. You see it in families, relationships, friendships, the car next to you, the lady at the supermarket, it’s everywhere. And for us, it is the little things that fuel our battles. But what if war touched Australia? Our eyes would be opened and our courage challenged. Would we run, hide our heads in the sand or stand and fight for good? And what would constitute good in our eyes? What is noble enough to get us fighting? So many questions and it seems that only in trying times do you get clear answers.