It is a dawning of a new era in our household. My kids have been exposed to the world of smoking. Not through family members as such but by observing those doing it in the general community.

Remember the 80’s when smoking was slowly becoming taboo? The Cosby Show has an episode where Vanessa’s friend is smoking in her room and she’s afraid of what her dad will think. The evils of this smelly, teeth yellowing, cancer causing habit was highlighted by the entire family’s horror of that smokey moment.

How do you describe to a wide-eyed, innocent child, why people smoke? The child will point, screw up their nose and stare, stare at the grown up choosing to kill themselves. My explanation usually includes a description of how addictive cigarettes can be and once you start it’s honestly hard to give up etc. My six year old is afraid that he will accidentally take up the habit and forget that it is bad. No chance… I hope.

As a part of generation ‘x’, I thought generation ‘y’ would be so well educated about smoking that they would not even bother to start. Yet, I see the poor little darlings puffing away on those white sticks, legs crossed and often with a growl on their face. What gives, people? IT CAUSES CANCER!

And here’s where I get political. Drugs are banned, you can only buy prescription drugs over the counter WITH A PRESCRIPTION but servos and corner stores are happy to sell people cancer sticks. Why can’t they be illegal? Why are we happy, as a nation, to support such a habit?

I applaud those who have won the fight over smoking in restaurants and the government for putting up the price, but more needs to be done. Are we afraid of taking away the sharp knife from the child, so to speak?

I really feel for those who are addicted to this awful drug. It must cost them a fortune and now they are almost social outcasts because of all the restrictions. However, I love going to pubs and leaving with the same smelling hair I came in with. I love the free, fresh air.

For my kids and their friends, I hope they are wiser. I hope they value their health and longevity more than the current generations. And that the great cigarette debate can finally be put to bed as they get fazed out FOREVER!