Image by Carl Van Vechten

Has anyone else noticed the increase in ‘singing’ ads. I don’t mean the ones with jingles but with the characters IN the ad singing a song advertising the product. It is so annoying.

I have counted at least four of these lame ads. I understand that musical numbers and the like are heaps of fun, but when you’re advertising a product it just seems lazy and daggy. Time to name names. First is Foxtel. The man is plugging in his christmas lights singing a version of Jingle Bells (I think!) with a naff looking family with wide eyes and gleaming teeth providing backing vocals. No, I do not want to buy Foxtel and I won’t be swayed by a pathetic take on a really cool Christmas song. Look outside the square people.

Then there is dear old Aerogard. This time, we are drawn into a camp ground scene complete with man in ‘budgie smugglers’ barbecuing snags and an array of stereotypical holiday campers. They all come together singing the Grease smash hit, Summer Nights. Naff, naff, naff!!! It is embarrassing. I cringe and lunge for the remote control. It’s just too Aussie musical crappo.

The third in the unfortunate series is for Aami. Now this one has been around for a while. Perhaps Aami is to blame for the amount of pathetic singing ads on our tv screens. Aami has chosen the very annoying song What about me? to bombard us with their money saving insurance products. We love the girl smiling at the end of each ad and we love the prices, but why oh why did you have to make a really bad staged ad with people singing such an annoying song.

The Good Guys has not missed out on the singing phenomenon. In fact, their ad has possibly been around as long as the Aami one. They have hacked the heart out of the Beach Boys classic, Good Vibrations, turning it into a song about slashing prices and the variety of products in-store. So very annoying, G.G’s.

Do these ads spoil good songs or do they simply choose the most annoying ditties to get them etched in our heads? Being a reality tv generation, they often choose to use the actor’s real singing voices to add a rawness about it. So it really is like you are watching a school play. It is often so melodramatic, over-the-top, wide-eyed and highly irritating.

I know I should just change the channel. But if I even see the first few seconds, I still feel frustrated at having to reach for that remote control to press that tiny button and change the channel. Why should I? Why can’t they just produce entertaining ads with substance and without the fluff.

My favourite ad at the moment is one for Coca-Cola where these young, cool people are drinking the black death while floating in an oversized bottle. Then they get thrown out of the top of it and into the crystal clear, pristine water below. They are laughing, having a great time. I just love the idea of doing that. So fun!

Memo to ad companies. Please don’t be lazy. Please, no more sing-alongs. I don’t like them. I won’t buy the product. I just won’t!!