image by Mike Spasoff

They’ve GONE! Done like a dog’s dinner. There is an odd echoing around the northern Northern Beaches. It’s oh so quiet, too quiet. Where have they gone? Have they travelled across Pittwater to the hippy houses on the various islands and coves? Have they gone south for the summertime or north to bask in even more sunshine? Where have our Christmas Carols gone?

In years past, Avalon has had a jolly party in the park, smack bang in the middle of town. Now, it only holds screaming children, pooing dogs and exercising fifty year olds. The old Avalon carols had Elvis (random!!!) and Santa (that’s better) and candles and carols and community spirit. But this year and last… NOTHING.

True locals tell of times past when there were lights and decorations down the main street and shop windows had that festive fake snow Christmassy decoration look to them. Now, we’re becoming more like the Eastern suburbs with the ‘cool’ crowd. Oh no the cool crowd don’t go for the daggy fake snow and tacky Christmas decorations. It has to be more la-de-da than that!

We have a few banners down main street and a few shops have baubles and even a Christmas tree, but nothing else and NO CAROLS. Last year Palm Beach hosted a Carols by Candlelight but there have been no banners on the bends, no notices in the Manly Daily, where is the love? It is not like there is a lack of demand in the local community. Everyone has the same vacant, blank look on their faces as they desperately seek out the community event of the year. But alas, it is no more!!

image by MichaelEray

Saturday will play host to the first ever (?) ‘Amazing Avalon Day’. This is a celebration of all things Avalon! Buskers are¬†welcome! Perhaps a bit of old town hippy Avalon will be reborn? It got me thinking… buskers, carols, buskers, carols… Do you think they would, they could? Spontaneous Christmas Carols! Word will spread, buskers will join in with other buskers, children will sigh deep sighs or relief and the parents will reach for their dusty old candles they haven’t been able to use for many moons.

It will be talked about for years to come. The day the Carols were revived and Avalon was reborn with a heart, with a soul! Good ole Christmas spirit!!!!